Advice on Health and Fitness

Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year. (Franklin P. Adams)Wouldn’t you just love to be able to feel that way about every year of your life? Wouldn’t you love to be able to put the same feeling in every year of your child’s life? In every year of the lives of your dearest and most loved ones? If yes, then keep reading.Good health is not a fable; it’s a reality as bright as the day. I find it sad at times when my friends, people in their 20s, complain of fatigue and restlessness. They seem to be under the impression that to embody that ‘Picture of Good Health’ will require herculean effort on their parts, something they don’t have energy for to begin with. How all of us end with such fears is a worrying thing. Sadly, a lot of us end up going back to either superstition when it comes to health or doctors. No one is undermining the respected medical profession, but when an individual needs a therapist to tell him or her that “8 hours of sleep is mandatory for normal body functioning” or “you can’t live on coffee” it is sad. We could have spared ourselves so much trouble, had we known sooner. Ah well! Better late than never.So what to do? Well for starters, stop dreading the unknown. Just because so far we haven’t taken any courses on how to stay healthy and fit, is no reason to continue living that way. And just because a fatal disease hasn’t killed me yet, doesn’t necessarily mean I’m fit as a fiddle. The first step is to take the first step. Doctors are not to be dreaded, nor does one have to enroll in a costly health program to get our very own health regime. It just takes some good, time-tested habit development, backed by a sincere determination to succeed.Here are the general guidelines which, despite their apparent simplicity, are highly effective;1. Drink lots of water: yes folks! Good old H2O. Nothing beats it. Tear yourself away from going through all those gallons of soft drinks a day and embrace nature’s solution to your thirst. It’s great for your homeostasis to have at least 8 glasses of water a day and up to 12 glasses in summer. A healthy water intake protects you from acne to heart attacks. If tap water worries you, go Bottled Mineral. Ensure that your child is a water-fan too!2. Sleep a peaceful 8 hours: It’s not just the insomnia patients who have trouble functioning in their daily life. Choosing work or socializing over getting a good night’ sleep is not the key to success, to a premature retirement yes, but not success. Make sure the house is “lights out!” by 10 pm.3. Walk! Sitting in front of the PC is about all the new age of white-collar employees are doing. But have you noticed how little visual relaxation you end up getting in a working day? What about stiffening of muscles? Heartburns? All these problems and many more of their friends are the result of less moving around and more staying put. So put this routine on reverse gear. Don’t eat lunch at your desk, get out of the office, walk to a nearby restaurant and be sure there’s a salad in that lunch you order. Also try walking to your workplace if it’s near, or get off the bus a few blocks short of your workplace and make that your morning walk. Stay-at-home moms can walk their kids to school. This will give the children an early habit of walking small distances.4. Talk to your Physician: set realistic health goal and have a heart to heart with your physician. Listen carefully to what he or she says and be true to yourself in following their advice.

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